Windows 10 Services

Technology is reshaping our world with digital transformation driving change across all industries and organisations. Windows 10 is a key component in helping companies evolve to become true digital workplaces.

The path towards these new and better ways of working can be a bumpy one without a well thought out Windows 10 plan. That's why we've developed a series of efficient approaches to migrating your users to Windows 10.

Depending on what stage of your Windows 10 journey you are at, we have a solution that will suit your organisations Windows 10 needs:

Windows 10 FastStart

The FastStart service will start you on your Windows 10 journey and enable you to understand the art of what’s possible. Develop your requirements and pilot the technology. Benefiting from our guidance, we will get you up and running fast.

Windows 10 Light

Is your Windows 10 Project already underway, but you now need a rapid deployment? This service will build upon the progress you have already made to minimise the dependencies for deployment. We’ll provide the assurance, resources and knowledge required to safely deliver your project.

Windows 10 Full

Does your organisation have the time to think strategically about how you deliver end-user computing going forwards? If yes, this is the service for you. It will allow you to rethink and modernise your ways of working. Ending your legacy ways of working and starting your new evergreen environment.

Windows 10 Evolve

The Evolve service provides ongoing management of Windows 10 to ensure that your business gets the most out of it. The continuous improvement provided ensures you’re kept abreast of the latest innovations and can capitalise on them. We can also do this for you, offering varying levels of management, support and improvement as a service.


Our Windows 10 Services provide clients with the expertise and resources needed to assess, plan and execute or optimise their Windows 10 project. Our approach is a risk averse strategy, delivered at scale, whilst retaining maximum workforce productivity and minimum disruption.

Our Service will ensure project timescales are hit via our dedicated floorwalkers. On hand to provide Windows 10 training, to review new features and answer any questions you and your teams may have.