Staffing services

One of the activities within System Center Consultants is the flexible deployment of highly trained staff. Based on your wishes, we look for the perfect match within our extensive internal network.

Are you looking for an Interim Professional to staff your project, to cope with progress or to temporarily resolve a colleague's absence? Or do you temporarily need expert expertise that you do not have in-house?

With our Recruitment service we search and find the right interim professional for you. So you always have on-demand flexible and expert professionals with a fresh and independent view of their field.

A CV does not say everything
You want the best match and that goes beyond a resume. You want someone who really fits your organization, who is involved, motivated and easily adaptable. We therefore look beyond experience and expertise. Competencies, personality and the right motivation are just as important. And we test that for you. So you always get the Interim Professional that achieves the result you have in mind.

Are you looking for an Interim Professional for the completion of an assignment? We like to help you. Thanks to our large network, we are in contact with very many qualified professionals. We use our personal expertise and innovative technology to select the best match from this. Curious how we work?

1. Set up
First of all we will meet with you to determine what your question is. As a result, we know exactly who you are looking for. We define the hard and soft requirements that you set for the candidates for your assignment. If you already have a vacancy text for the application, you can send it to us. You indicate which rules apply with regard to the rate at which the professional may offer himself. We look for the best value for money.

2. Search
We look for the best professionals for your application in 3 ways. First, we look in our own database, which contains the profiles of tens of thousands of professionals. Secondly, we contact suppliers with whom we cooperate. These companies employ people who we can match with your assignment. Thirdly, we open the assignment on our website, our social media channels and external websites. We invite professionals to submit an offer for your assignment.

3. Match
Matching is a people job. That is why our recruiters personally contact the most suitable professionals. They select their profiles by comparing CVs and competencies with your application. We will explain your assignment in detail in a personal meeting with the professional. We also take a good look at the personal click between the candidate and the culture within your organization.

4. Select
We always offer you several options: we introduce the best 2 or 3 candidates. Based on the CVs and additional information, you determine which professionals you invite for an interview. Did you make a decision after the interviews? Then we will contact the candidate and arrange everything as quickly as possible.

5. Start
You will receive all documents from the professional from us. After drawing, the professional is ready to get started for you. We provide on your behalf all information that the professional needs on his first day. In interim evaluations, we discuss the details of the assignment with you and help you if necessary.